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Dark Before Dawn the Bonus Stories

 Dark Before Dawn with Bonus Stories and Poems: In these three tales of suspense people fight for their lives in fantasy worlds that mirror our own. In the first tale a young girl travels to a vampire infested planet to reclaim her grandmother's legacy in The Flapper's Gift. Next a University student crosses over to the magic world to find missing students in Poe and the Whale Meeting Grace. In our final story a pair of high rolling gamblers are trying to kill off a zombie in Vegas Zombie Gold. 

New Excitement

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Andrea Menzies is a writer under the project name Frozen History Seven Publishing. Her first published photographs and cartoons were from High School journalism class where she took yearbook, newspaper, and honors English in Austin, TX. She had a full graduation from Loyola University in New Orleans. She now studies psychology and nursing in night courses at Tyler Community College in Richmond, VA. She is an award winning author, painter, and photographer currently in the United States. 

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