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 Andrea Menzies is a writer for the online publishing company Frozen History Seven Publishing. In addition she currently works for Chesterfield County Public Schools as a public school teacher. She worked for years at the Austin Independent School District as a substitute teacher where she learned what children liked to hear in a short story. Her first published photographs and cartoons were from journalism class where she took yearbook, newspaper, and honors English in Austin, TX. She had a full graduation from Loyola University in New Orleans. She now studies more certified teacher classes at Tyler Community College in Richmond, VA. She is an award winning author, painter, rideshare driver, and photographer with over 4 published books on the market. 

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"The only one I think I can deal with, is Edgar Allan Poe's daughter over there..." - Line from the character Beetlejuice in the movie Beetlejuice, and the origin of Andrea's online video game name. 

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