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 Andrea Menzies is a writer under the project name Frozen History Seven Publishing. She is the daughter of an American Army lieutenant colonel named Neil, and an American born University professor named Anne. She worked for years at the Austin Independent School District as a substitute teacher where she learned what children liked to hear in a short story. Her first published photographs and cartoons were from journalism class where she took yearbook, newspaper, and honors English in Austin, TX. She had a full graduation from Loyola University in New Orleans. She now studies nursing in night courses online and at Tyler Community College in Richmond, VA. She is an award winning author, painter, and photographer with 4 published books on the market. 

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Frozen History Seven Publishing and Productions.

Images Frozen in History, Time, and Space. Run by editor Dr. E Anne Brockett former faculty at Austin Community College District  with head artist Andrea E. Menzies, and a staff of part time artists. We work in publishing art prints, photos, and books. Paintings & Books are available at Amazon, Deviantart, and in person sales. 

Latest Amazon title: Birthday Bat at the Zoo and You

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Autographed books and art prints are available on this page, and copies are available on Amazon at the button below or the FH7publishing Deviantart page.  

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